Monday, 23 September 2013

Etude House Polishes!

Hey guys!

So today I have swatches of two new polishes I got last week. Both are from Korean beauty brand Etude House and both are simply gorgeous!

This first one is PWH901. I applied this over 1 coat of peel off base coat + 1 coat of black polish. Someone asked me how I got the glitter to spread so well and honestly, I have no idea. I just applied this as you would a regular polish and thankfully the glitter distributed quite well! It might have something to do with the wide brush.

 The next one is PWH902. I applied this over 1 coat of black polish and applied a top coat over to give it extra shine, since it dulled down pretty quickly after I applied it. I had a really hard time capturing the full beauty of this polish on camera.Which is such a shame, since this polish looks stunning on!

I got both of these beauties on eBay. PWH901 cost $4.80 (which is about €3.55) and P&P was free (yay!). PWH902 cost $4 and there was an additional shipping fee of $2.30. Both came pretty quickly (within 5 days of ordering), which was quite surprising since they were sent all the way from Korea! I am no so tempted to buy some more of these!

That's it for today!

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Mickey Mouse Nail Art!

Hey everyone!

Despite loooong first week back at college, I found the time to create a cute new nail art video for you guys. I filmed the video clips on Thursday night but unfortunately, the quality of those clips were quite poor because of the night-time filming. So I re-filmed the video this morning, and quickly edited it (it's quite a short video so it didn't take too long!).

First Time
Second Time
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Love you guys

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Back to School Nail Art!

Hey everyone!

Ok, so this video was meant to be done earlier. A lot earlier. But since I had family over last week, I couldn't do it then. They left on Monday, but I had a concert to go to that day. Then it was my friend's birthday on Tuesday and she had a small party which I went to. Then Wednesday rolled around and I began Peer Mentoring at college. Same with Thursday. Before I knew it, it was Friday. Which is when I finally started the video.

I filmed the video quite early in the day, hoping to have it up by at least 3pm. I finished filming, and got cracking on the editing. Everything was going perfectly, and I finished quite quickly.

This is when the trouble began.

I had edited the entire video to perfection when Windows Movie Maker decided it didn't want to save or publish my video. After trying to fix the problem for about an hour or so, I decided to just delete the video and start again. And then just as I finished, the same thing happened again. It was so incredibly frustrating.

After that I just decided to make the video on the Mac. I had tried iMovie for another one of my videos but didn't really like it, but this was really the only option left. And it went surprisingly well. I can't describe how I felt when the video saved and published, it was amazing!

I still needed to add the captions, because iMovie doesn't have that feature, so I converted the video into mp4 and added them in on my laptop, and thankfully it worked. And so, after much stress and delay, here is my video on chalkboard nail art:

I hope you guys enjoy watching it a lot more than I enjoyed making it!