Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Etude House Giveaway! [CLOSED]

Hey guys!

I'm so excited to finally reveal my first giveaway! I've been planning this for absolutely ages now (actually bought the prizes MONTHS ago when I got them for myself too) and with my 1 year YouTube anniversary coming up on Friday, I thought this would be the perfect time to launch the giveaway.

There's going to be two winners, who will each receive two of the Etude House Minnie Mouse Nail Polishes.

The giveaway is open internationally so enter below! Closing date is August 29th so make sure to get all your entries in before then! Good luck!

Oh, and if you're using the YouTube Subscription entry, make sure you have your subscriptions set to public so I can check.

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[UPDATE] Congrats to the two winners! I've sent you an email, if you don't see it make sure to check your spam folder too. You have 48 hours to send me your details, or I'll have to pick a new winner.

Thanks so much to everyone that entered, stay tuned for future giveaways!

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Etude House Baking Powder Crunch Pore Scrub Review

Hey guys!

I've been trying out Etude House's Baking Powder Crunch Pore Scrub over the last two weeks and thought I'd share my thoughts on it so far.

In short: I love this stuff. The first time I used it, my skin felt so amazing that I just couldn't help but keep touching my face. My skin felt so soft. And clean. And all around amazing.

I first used it the day I posted up my haul post (here). As I said in that post, I had heard that it was a really good product and I just really wanted to try it out. It comes as a pack of 24 pouches, each containing 7g of product. 

The claims:

"Formulated with baking powder to penetrate, exfoliate and cleanse skin deep within pores to remove make up and residues. Scrub cleanser formulated with Peppermint to soothe skin.
100% Natural Fragrance

The directions were pretty simple: apply cleanser to wet face, lather and massage and then rinse off with warm water. It also says to use one pouch per application, and that is honestly more than enough. I think you could probably get away with using half the pouch for each application if you wanted to. 

So anyway, I ripped open one of the pouches and the first thing I noticed was the smell. Like holy crap, does this have a strong smell. At first all I could smell was lemons, but then I got a whiff of the baking powder too. I personally liked the smell, as strong as it was, but it's definitely going to put you off if you're not into strong scented products, or if you don't like the smell of lemons.

After momentarily being stunned by the strong scent, I went on and tried it out (about time!). After I washed it all off, I straight away put on some moisturiser (Simple Kind to Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturiser - I freaking love this stuff!).

I don't generally wear a lot of face make-up so I'm not sure how good this is at removing make-up. It is great as a cleanser & exfoliater though, and as I said above, my skin felt so clean, soft and smooth after using this stuff. My skin is a bit more on the dry side, and my forehead and nose tend to be the driest part of my face. I know most exfoliating scrubs tend to dry out the skin but I didn't find my skin feeling dry at all. I was actually really surprised at how smooth my forehead felt, no more of that slight flakiness I usually get.

I used it again on Thursday of that same week and then Wednesday of this week. It says on the packaging to use once to twice a week, and since I have drier skin I think I'm just going to stick to using it once I week. 

Final verdict? Love this stuff. If you're interested, you can get it off eBay for €6.89 here


Monday, 14 July 2014

Etude House Haul!

Hey guys!

I just got my Etude House order from twofacemall the other day and I thought I'd share what I got. For those who don't know, Etude House is a Korean drugstore brand and I kind of love all of their products. I've reviewed some of their nail polishes before so feel free to check those out if you haven't seen them already.

I usually order any my Etude House products from twofacemall. As well as having low prices, they offer free international shipping on all orders and give a few samples with every order. They also give a free gift with purchase, which depends on how much you spend. They change the free gifts around every now and again so it's worth it to keep checking back!

Etude House Baking Powder Crunch Pore Scrub

I think this is a fairly new product, from what I've seen on YouTube. Every video/post I've seen/read about this has been very positive so I thought I'd give it a go. It's $11.35 and you get 24 little pouches. The description on the back reads:

"Formulated with baking powder to penetrate, exfoliate and cleanse skin deep within pores to remove make up and residues.Scrub cleanser formulated with Peppermint to soothe skin."

It also says it is 100% natural fragrance and dye-free.

Etude House Melting Summer Nails

Etude House have some pretty adorable nail polishes and nail art stuff and these are no exception! They are just so cute, I had to have both! These are sold separately and were $3.98 each.

Etude House Help My Finger Nail Pack

My nails are in pretty good condition right now, but I thought I'd  get this and save it for when I need it (it was also super cheap, at $3.20). I saw a review on this and it seems to work really well. This is what it claims to do:

"This Nail Finger Pack moistens and brightens up frequently coloured, dull fingernails and its surrounding area."

Etude House I Need You Mask Sheet 'Green Tea'

Korean sheet masks are supposed to be amazing so I decided to pick this up too. This is currently on sale for $2.65. The claims:

"This mask sheet contains green tea extract (Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract), providing moist and comforting relief to sooth out rough and irritated skin."

Etude House Collagen Eye Patch and Black Charcoal Chin Pack

Again, I just wanted to try these out (I've wanted to try out the eye patches for a awhile now). They were super cheap ($2.79 and $2.30 respectively), so I thought 'why not?'

Eye Patch: "Formulated with collagen to revitalize and improve appearance around eyes."

Chin Pack: "Formulate with black charcoal additives to remove oil and pore deep sebum. Patch tightens pores and contains Aloe Vera to improve chin complexion."

Etude House ABC Sheet Mask 'Korean Ginseng' 

This was the free gift I got with my order.

"This mask sheet contains nourishing Korean Ginseng extract (Panax Ginseng Root Extract), enhancing a youthful complexion by reinitializing exhausted and lifeless skin." 

Samples, yay!

I just love how cheap all of this was and I'm really looking forward to trying it all out, especially the masks and scrub! I'll try and write a review on everything once after I try 'em all out.


Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Maybelline Lasting Drama Black Shock Gel Liner Review

Hey everyone!

So the other day, as I was having a look in Boots to see what new goodies they had and what offers were on (as usual!), I stumbled on this new Maybelline eyeliner, the Lasting Drama Black Shock Gel Liner. I'd never seen it before, or heard of it either. Upon further inspection, I discovered that it was quite similar to Benefit's new 'They're Real! Push-Up Liner': it was a gel liner in a pen form with a tip that would seemingly make getting that perfect winged liner so much easier. To get the product onto the tip, you simply twist the bottom. I'd never used gel liner before, and I'd never done winged eye liner before either (apart from the occasional accidental flick created when using liquid eyeliner!). I'd forgotten my card at home that day, so I left Boots emptied handed, but determined to find out more about this eyeliner (too good to be true or perfect dupe?). I learned that the liner had been released last year, but only in Singapore. The reviews were mixed, with some absolutely loving it and others complaining about smudging. I guess they decided to quietly bring this into our market to rival Benefit's version., launching that same week.

Now, I've been wanting to try gel liner for a while now, and I thought this would be the perfect time to do so. So I picked this up the next day (along with another eyeliner from Maybelline since there was a special offer on!). I've been wearing this all day today, and I have to say I LOVE it!

It is really easy to apply, the colour is quite intense, it's long lasting and it doesn't smudge at all (not on my eyes anyway). I don't own the Benefit one (€25 is way too expensive for eye liner), so I can't quite tell you how it compares, but from what I've read/watched about the Benefit one, Maybelline's is very similar, but a good bit cheaper.

I think this is the perfect alternative for those who want to try something like Benefit's Push-Up liner, but don't want to pay a ridiculous amount for it. Maybelline Lasting Drama Black Shock Gel Liner is available in Boots for €13.49!