Friday, 14 November 2014

Max Factor Gel Lacquers Review & Swatches

Hey everyone!

I was sent some Max Factor goodies to review recently, and today I've got swatches and reviews of their Gel Lacquers! The colours of all of these polishes are so gorgeous, and they're all super glossy too! I didn't use a topcoat in any of the pictures below.

Vivid Vermillion
Vivid Vermillion: This is a very pretty bright orange-red colour. I used two coats here, you could get away with just using one really, but out of habit I did two coats. It has a nice formula, it's not streaky at all when you apply it. It's also so glossy!

Patent Poppy
Patent Poppy: Lovely, glossy red. Again, I used two coats, but really you only need one. The formula is nice too, no streakiness here either!

Twinkling Pink
Twinkling Pink: This one is a really bright pink, my camera refused to capture the brightness though! The photo doesn't do it justice really. I used just one coat here, I couldn't justify using a second when there was clearly no need. Again, really nice formula, it's not too thick or too thin!

Lacquered Violet
Lacquered Violet: This one is a bit more purple than in the photo, and a bit darker. It kept coming out really blue on camera. This one had a slightly tricky formula, it needed two coats as the first was quite uneven and streaky. The colour in the end is really pretty though, and its a shame it wouldn't quite come through on camera!

Glazed Cobalt
Glazed Cobalt: I used just one coat of this. My camera and computer really hated this one! It's a lot less bright in reality, and has a slight purple tone to it. I tried fixing up the photo to look more like the actual colour, but every time I added any photo of this swatch onto the blog, the blue turned out so bright. So annoying!

Gleaming Teal
Gleaming Teal: This one requires a lot of patience. The formula is on the thinner side, and you have to be very careful with how much you put on the brush as it can either end up being a very thick coat or a very streaky one. You definitely need two coats of this to get it even. The end result is worth it though, the colour is beautiful!

Radiant Ruby
Radiant Ruby: Another one coater! It's a bit darker than in the photo. The colour is absolutely gorgeous, and is definitely one of my favourites in the collection. Great formula, beautiful finish, stunning colour, what's not to love? Maybe I'm biased because it's red, and I seem to be loving all things red in recent months!

Sparkling Berry
Sparkling Berry: This one has a tiny bit more red in it than the picture shows. As with all the others, great colour and shine, and the formula is wonderful! I used one coat here.

Sheen Merlot
Sheen Merlot: I used one coat here, but I think it could have done with a second one just to make it a bit stronger. As with all the others, it has a lovely glossy finish, and the formula is really nice too.

Overall, I really love this collection! The colours are all gorgeous, and the shine on them is amazing! Most have great formulas and are opaque on the first coat, with the exception of Lacquered Violet and Gleaming Teal. Radiant Ruby and Sparkling Berry were definitely my favourites here, I just adored the shades! 

You can get these in Boots stores nationwide. They're €10.49 a bottle, which I personally think is pretty pricey for a nail polish, so if you are going to buy some, I'd suggest waiting until there's a 3 for 2 offer on (there's one on now actually) and if you have a student discount, use that too! 


  1. They look fab I hope the 3 for 2 offer is still on over the weekend! x

    1. The colours are so pretty! What colours are you thinking of getting?

  2. The colours are so stunning! I honestly can't decide which one I like the most because they all look so gorgeous in the pictures! How are these in terms of chipping?

    Great post!
    Charlotte xx

  3. I honestly am not too sure about that, I didn't keep most of them on very long when I was writing this up because I wanted to get an idea of formula and needed to swatch all of them. I've worn Radiant Ruby the longest, I don't think it started chipping until maybe day 4 or 5.