Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Disney Day - DIY Cushions!

So I shared these cushions on my last post and someone asked if I could put together a post on how I made them, so here it is! They're really easy to make, and don't take much time either!

The things you will need are a Disney canvas tote bag (you can get these particular ones in Dealz/Poundland if you're in Ireland or the UK, but Penneys/Primark do some too), a stitch ripper, some stuffing (I bought a cushion from Dealz, ripped it open and used the stuffing) and a needle & thread.
The first thing you need to do is rip the stitches at the top of the bag. Then rip the stitches that secure the straps. Finally, and this is optional, turn the bag inside out and remove the tag, then stitch the gap the tag leaves closed. I like to remove the tag because it shows through otherwise.

After removing all those stitches, open up that top fold and iron the bag to remove all the creases. Put your stuffing into the bag and stitch the top closed.

And that's it! Quick and easy, and they look great!

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