Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Essence Nail Art Peel Off Base Coat

Hey everyone!

So I went into town today with my sister with the sole intention of tracking done the Essence polish I mentioned in yesterdays post. And happy days, I found it!

It comes in this little cardboard cover, which basically just has the instructions on it. These instructions are printed on the bottle itself too.

The first thing I did when I got home was try this out. I applied 1 coat, not too thick but not too thin either, and waited 10 minutes for it to dry, as instructed. When first applied, it was white. But as it dried, it became clear. 

I then applied 3 coats of my favourite glitter polish, which was probably why I ran into trouble with the removal. I had great fun peeling off the polish on my thumb and index finger, and the polish peeled easily. But the rest of them weren't as easy to remove.

 As you can see, the polish on my little finger came off the worst. That's as much I could peel off. After about 5 minutes I gave up on that nail and cleaned up all my nails using the Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover, which worked surprisingly well with the glitter. That's probably just because I had already taken most of it off though.

This polish would probably (hopefully) have worked better if I had painted only one or two coats of the glitter polish. It did, however, cut down greatly on time, as as everyone knows, glitter polishes are horrendous to take off. It is well worth the buy, priced at €2.89. I've heard that it isn't stocked in many Pennys shops any more, but it was in both the O'Connell Street one and the Henry Street one. Not in Dundrum though.

In case you were wondering, the glitter polish I used is China Glaze 'Ruby Pumps'. I got it from my aunt in America last year. I've never seen any China Glaze polishes in Dublin, but you could probably get this on Amazon or eBay for a good enough price. 

- M


  1. you can get china glaze polishes in sally beauty supply on drury street (permanent collection and limited edition stuff comes in too!)! also if u stalk TK maxx beauty section you can find them there too!

    1. I had completely forgotten about Sally Beauty Supply when writing this! Thanks for the reminder, have to go check it out sometime. Haven't seen any CG in TK Maxx as of yet, hopefully they'll have some soon!