Monday, 3 June 2013

Easy Nail Art!

Hey guys!

I woke up this morning with a strong desire to do my nails using stuff you could find around the house, stuff that most people would keep in their houses. I really wanted to do this as nail art tools can be hard to get your hands on and they can be quite expensive too. After looking around the house, I realised that the answer I had been looking for had been right in front f my eyes this whole time: ear buds!

I have been using these to clean up the edges around my nails ever since I started using nail polish (a long, long time ago). And I realised today that these are the perfect tools for nail art beginners. And another plus is that you can easily do your non dominant hand too!

All you need for this design are the following:
1. A white nail polish and a clear top coat
2. A few different coloured nail polishes
3. A sheet of paper
4. Ear buds

Step 1: Paint all your nails a solid white and allow to dry. You'll probably need to use two coats to get the polish to become opaque.
Step 2: Swipe your first colour onto the sheet of paper.
Step 3: Dip one side of the ear bud into the colour and dab it onto your nail.
Step 4: Repeat using two (or more if you want) colours.
Step 5: Use a clear top coat to blend the colours together. Do this while the coloured nail polish is still kind of wet.
Step 6: Repeat steps 2-5 on the rest of your nails

This is what I ended up with!

Again, the colours are brighter that appear in the picture. My pictures never show how bright the colours are :(
I personally think it's a cute design and I hope you guys do too!

Polishes I Used and Where to Find Them:
NYC - Pinstripe White (Available in Pennys)
NYC - Classy Glassy (Available in Pennys)
Barry M - Pink Flamingo (Available in Boots)
Barry M - Gelly Hi-Shine in Greenberry (Available in Boots)
Barry M - Cyan Blue (Available in Boots)
Barry M - Yellow (Available in Boots)
Barry M - Retro Blue (No longer available)
Collection - Go Retro! (Available in Boots)
Inglot - O2M in shade 663 and 664 (Available in Inglot)

Well that's it for today! Hope you like the design!


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