Monday, 10 June 2013

O.P.I Swatches + Ciate Freebie!

Hey guys!

So I finally have the swatches of the O.P.I Liquid Sand polishes I showed you the other day!

Honestly, when I tried out the first polish I thought this set may have been a waste of money. I tried the black one first and it was a bit of a disappointment. After two coats, it still wasn't looking as nice as I had expected it to. But the other colours really blew me away.

 So, starting with the black one. This shade is called 'Stay the Night'. It's supposed to be a black polish with red glitter but it's more grey than black. Out of the four shades, this is the only one I personally didn't like.

This shade is called 'Can't Let Go'. It's a pretty purple glitter polish and I simply love it. I don't really wear purple polish very much but this is so pretty, I can definitely see myself using this a lot!

Next is the red shade. It's called 'The Impossible' and its a lovely light red shade. With the first coat, it came out quite pink but the second coat brought out the red. This is my second favourite shade of the set.

Last, but definitely not least, 'Get Your Number'. This shade is by far my favourite out of the set. I just think it's stunning! Again, two coats were needed to get it to this level of opacity.

I used two coats of each polish, and I used a coat of the Essence peel off base coat underneath. I'm happy to say that I had much better luck with the base coat this time around!

Overall, I do think this is a great set. The first polish was lacklustre but the other polishes made up for it. If you're in TK Maxx any time soon and happen to spot one of these sets, I really recommend you get it! 

And now onto the Ciate freebie!

With this month's issue of Marie Claire magazine, you get a free mini Ciate caviar manicure set. This includes the brown polish and the beads, and the retail price of this set is £10, which is almost €12. 

If the caviar manicure is something you want to try out, I'd say get the magazine. If you don't like the look in the end, at least you haven't spent a fortune on it (Ciate is really expensive!).

Well that's it for today! Thanks for reading guys :)


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