Friday, 28 June 2013

Polish Haul from London + GOSH Holographic Hero Swatch

Hey guys,

Sorry for not posting on Monday (had too much packing to do) or Thursday (was out all day). I'm currently in London, and will be starting a summer course on Monday (exciting!) so I might not update as much as usual, but I will try to.

The first thing I did when I got to London was hit up the nearest Superdrug. I had made a little list of polishes I wanted to get in London, since the Barry M polishes are a good bit cheaper in the UK than they are in Ireland. I also really wanted to try out the GOSH Holographic polish, which I think is only available in Superdrug. I also picked up some nail art supplies from Topshop because they're cheaper here too.

 Barry M Foil Effects in Gold and Silver, £3.99 each, which is €4.66. In Ireland these cost €5.99 which I personally think is WAY too much.

Barry M in Teal, £2.99, which is €3.50 but in Ireland these actually cost €4.99

Barry M Nail Art Pen in Silver, £4.99

This one was free since I spent over a certain amount on Barry M stuff.
GOSH Holographic Hero, £4.99

I got these from Topshop for £3.50
And these for £7, also in Topshop
Barry M in Acid Yellow only £1.49 in Topshop! They also had their normal yellow polish for £1.49 but since I already have that one I decided not to get it.

The GOSH polish is called Holographic Hero. It's silver but when the light hits it you can see a load of other colours, which give it the holographic effect. On the cap of the bottle it basically says it'll only last one night, and I've heard that it starts chipping a few hours after you apply it. But it's almost been a full 24 hours and mine is still perfect (bottom pic).


Well that's it for now! I'll start putting up swatches of the other polishes in the next few posts, so stay tuned!


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