Thursday, 20 June 2013

Throwback Thursday!

Hey guys!

Today's post is just about a few nail art designs I've done since I got into it last year. Some of the pictures aren't great, you can blame my old BlackBerry for that. Also, excuse the mess in the backgrounds of some of them, I was doing my leaving cert at the time! Those of you that follow me on Instagram have probably seen some of these already.

Water Marble Effect

The very first time I did nail art, I did this design. It just looked so cool and so easy, I had to try it. While I was right about it looking cool, I was very wrong about it being easy. At least at first. Having the right temperature of water, getting the polish to spread in the water, not making a mess.These were the main three things that I struggled with at the start. But after using this method a few times, I got more comfortable doing it and my results didn't look too bad.

Newspaper Nails
I've only done this design once, way back in 2011. I absolutely loved this design!

Color Block Nails
I showed you my Inglot recreation of this design, but here's the other (and much nicer) recreation:

Palm Tree Nails
I did these ones last summer

Tribal Nails
This has to be my all time favourite design to do. I absolutely adore tribal prints so this design was so perfect for me!

Rainbow Gradient Nails
First attempt at gradient nails. Didn't turn out quite as nice as I was expecting.

Rainbow Spotted Nails
Loved this design!
Cupcake Nails
I did this one around my birthday

Galaxy Nails

If you want to see the video tutorials that I followed for any of these, I made you guys a playlist containing all the videos, so enjoy!



  1. What were the nail polish did you use for the galaxy nails??

    1. I used NYC in City Blackout as a base, then dabbed on Barry M in Retro Blue, Cyan and Flamingo Pink. Then I added some glitter. I used NYC's Gramercy Glitz and Starry Silver Glitter.