Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Polish Collection Part 1

Hey everyone!

Today I want to share my polish collection with all of you. Between my sisters and I, we have a LOT of nail polish in our house. This post will focus on my own personal collection, including where I got each polish, the price (where I can remember) and if it's still available.

Brand: Mixed

From left to right: Essie's 'Matte About You', GOSH 'Holographic Hero' and 17 'Magnatized Nail Polish'. I got all three of these from England, but they're all available here too. The Essie polish is available in McCabes Pharmacy for €10.99, whereas I got it for £8.99 in England (which is €10.40, not a huge price difference). The GOSH polish is also available in McCabes, but I don't know how much it costs. The 17 polish is available in Boots for roughly €9.

Brand: Collection
From Left to Right: Hoola Hoop, Retro! and Fruit Salad.
All available in Boots for somewhere between €3 and €4

Brand: Inglot
From Left to Right: O2M Polishes in 663, 664 and 672.
€13 each in Inglot (Dundrum and Jervis Centre). The 3for2 deal is still on so if you're thinking of getting some of these, now is the time!

Brand: Essence
From Left to Right: Nail Art Peel Off Base Coat, Stampy (Black) and Stampy (White).
These are available in most Pennys stores. The base coat is €2.89 and I'm sorry but I can't remember how much the stamping polishes were. I'm pretty sure they were cheaper than the base coat, around €1.79 maybe? I'm not sure.

Brand: LA Colors
Left to Right: Blood Orange, White, Hot Pink, Aqua, Black, Vibrant and Silver Glitter
All available in McCabes for €1.99 each.

Brand: New York Color
Left to Right: Taxi Yellow Creme, Starry Silver Glitter, Demon Glow Top Coat, Gramercy Glitz, Classy Glassy, City Blackout, Pinstripe White and High Line Green.
The yellow and silver glitter polish I got from America, but I think they are available here too. I know for a fact that the silver glitter is. High Line Green cost me €1.29 and the others were €1.99 each.

Brand: Barry M
From Left to Right: Instant Nail Effects Foil - Gold, Chameleon Colour Change Nail Polish - Blue, Hi-Shine Gel Effect Nail Polish - Greenberry,  Chameleon Colour Change Nail Polish - Pink and Instant Nail Effects Foil - Silver.
Available in Boots for €5.99 each. The chameleon polishes aren't great, so if this is an effect you want to try, I'd advise you to try a cheaper brand.
From Left to Right: Black Multi-Glitter, Gold Glitter, Teal, Magenta Glitter and Aqua Glitter.
Available in Boots for €4.59 each. (Please excuse the mess that is the black, one of my polishes leaked all over it)
From Left to Right: Acid Yellow, Cyan, Superdrug Limited Edition Pink, Yellow, Pink Flamingo.
The Cyan, Yellow and Pink Flamingo are available in Boots for €4.59, the Acid Yellow was bought in Topshop Oxford Street in London for £1.49 so I'm not sure if it's available here (not a huge loss honestly). The LE Pink is a Superdrug exclusive, but the colour is quite similar to the Pink Flamingo.
From Left to Right: Retro Blue, Retro Pink and Retro Red, with the Silver Nail Art Pen lying in front.
I don't think the Retro Collection is available anymore. I got the blue last summer, it was a free gift with the purchase of a certain number of Barry M polishes. The other two I got in Topshop Oxford Street this year for £1 each. The nail art pen is available in Boots for €7.49 (I got mine in London for £4.99, which is about €5.76)

Brand: O.P.I
From Left to Right: Mariah Carey Liquid Sand Mini Collection (The Impossible, Stay the Night, Get Your Number, Can't Let Go), Green-Wich Village, Outrageous Neons Minis Collection (Riotously Pink, Formidably Orange, Top Coat, Base Coat, Seriously Purple, Ridiculously Yellow).
The Mariah collection was €12.99 in TK Maxx. Green-Wich Village was a gift from my aunt in America, and I got the neon collection for £9.99

Brand: Ciate
Mini Caviar Set. This was a magazine freebie.

Brand: Revlon
From Left to Right: Silver Screen, Steel-her Heart, Frankly Scarlet and Pineapple Fizz.
These were all gifts from America.

Brand: China Glaze
From Left to Right: Ruby Pumps and Lemon Fizz.
Both gifts from America. If you ever come across the Ruby Pumps, buy it! It's one of my favourite polishes of all time.

Brand: Color Club
From Left to Right: Sky Blue, Pastel Pink and Mint
All gifts from America!

Well that's my collection done. It's still small, but it's growing really rapidly. This time last year, I think I had about 10-12 bottles of nail polish!

Stay tuned for part 2!


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