Saturday, 7 June 2014

Etude House Minnie Mouse Collection Review and Swatches (Part 2)

Hey guys!

I have the other two glitter polishes from Etude House's Minnie Mouse Collection to show you today. There's not much to say about these other than what I've already said about the other two glitters in the collection (click here). I used both glitters over O.P.I.'s Do You Lilac It.

#3 Minnie White Face
Minnie White Face consists of white Minnie heads, white circular pieces, pink hexagon glitters, small pink bar glitters, and small pink, white and orangey-gold glitters. As before, the heads could be a bit difficult to get out of the bottle, but I found that tilting the bottle helped a lot.
Again, apply the glitters by dabbing them on and use top coat to smooth everything out and make the glitter stay on.

#4 Minnie Pink Ribbon
Minnie Pink Ribbon consisted of both pink and white bows, white circular pieces, light pink hexagons and small pink and orangey-gold glitters. Tilting the bottle helped here too, but it was a tiny bit more difficult to get them out, as compared to all the others.
Same as before, dab on the glitters and add a top coat.

Overall, I really did love this collection. I thought the glitters looked great, and I loved how affordable these were. Sure it was a bit difficult to get the main glitter pieces out, but I personally didn't mind too much. I got these on for $5.50 each (about €4) (use discount code AFQRz1Gg to get 5% off all orders). You can also get them on eBay for a little bit less.


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  1. These polishes are both gorgeous! They look great with the lilac underneath.