Thursday, 8 January 2015

Memebox Colorbox #5 Jewel Tones

Hey guys! So I recently got three new Memeboxes and, as usual, I'm going to do unboxing posts for each! I got these absolutely ages ago, they were on a 3 for 2 offer so I picked up all three. Each box was $15 and then you had to pay around $6.99 shipping (upgraded to express for no extra cost as part of the offer!), bringing the total up to $36.99 for all three, but I found a coupon on retailmenot and also used some loyalty points to bring the price down a good bit more. I think in the end I paid around $25. Each box contains four full sized products, and the one I'm unboxing today, as you already know from the title, is the Jewel Tones box!

1. Color World Multi Lovely Finger Mousse Lip 704 So Hot Pink
Memebox says: "This lip mousse is a combination of a lipstick, lip gloss, and lip tint. It glides onto lips with a rich pigment payoff and a smooth, non-sticky finish."
It certainly is super pigmented and not sticky in the slightest, but it does transfer! I was under the impression that it would dry kind of matte, but it doesn't.

2. Color World Star Powder 01 White
Memebox says: "Designed with the perfect mix of glitter and shine, Star Powder in Sparkle White creates a dramatic light-catching effect and brings instant sophistication to any makeup look. It coats over skin for a velvety smooth texture, sparkling with glowing elegance. Use it as a highlight, an eyeshadow or a facial & body glitter powder."
This glitter is so pretty, I'm really impressed with it so far!

3. Color World Kiss the Beads Lipgloss 
Memebox says: "A classic gloss that gives an intense shine and moisture from a blend of ceramide, natural essence oil, coenzyme Q10, and squalane. Despite its glossy visual, it's not sticky, long-lasting, and lightweight!"
When I first swatched this on the back of my hand, I thought I wouldn't like it at all. It surprised me though, and I really ended up loving the colour. It's not super pigmented or anything, but it doesn't promise to be either. It is really glossy though, and really light weight! Thankfully, Memebox's claims of it not being sticky are true!

4. Color World Jewelish Stick Shadow 09 Crystal Silver
Memebox says: "Color World's Jewelish Stick Shadow features beautiful shades with a creamy formula to provide an endless spectrum for creating flawless bold eye makeup. Each convenient stick is long-wearing, transfer-proof, and crease-resistant. The color glides smoothly onto lids and blends easily for a rich pigment payoff."
I haven't really had a chance to play around with this one very much yet. It was really nice and creamy, and very pigmented, when I swatched it on my hand. I wish they'd given a different colour though, like an emerald green, as they already covered silver with the glitter.

Overall, it's a nice little box. I do wish they had stuck to the jewel toned theme a little bit better though. I thought we'd be getting some crazy, brightly coloured products in shades like in the promo picture, but half the box was pink and the other half silver.


  1. Yep, doesn't look like a great box but a good idea overall!

  2. Yeah, it wasn't great, but it was the least disappointing of the three!

  3. Yup, but not the most disappointing out of the three!