Monday, 12 January 2015

Memebox Colorbox #6 Pastel Hues

The second of the three Colorboxes I got from Memebox is a pastel themed box. This one was an ok-ish box, nothing to special. I'm finding that the teaser images Memebox uses for all of their boxes don't give any indication whatsoever about what you're getting. Like I said in the Jewel Toned box post, I was expecting the contents of the box to have some resemblance to the theme shown in the picture. I also wish they'd included products from different brands, instead of them all being from one brand.

1. Revecen Moisture Shine Lip Gloss in Apricot Pink
Memebox says: "Enriched with olive oil, this Moisture Shine Lip Gloss in sheer pink and orange shades create delicately glittering and plump lips while leaving lips super moist and supple without being sticky at all."
A nice little lipgloss, it's a pretty natural pink colour, and as promised it's not sticky at all. It's not glittery at all, or leave you with plump looking lips, as Memebox claims. It's a pretty average gloss, nothing too special.

2. Revecen Color Eye Shadow in B167 Pearl Turquoise
Memebox says: "Formulated with various moisturising minerals, Revecen's Color Eye Shadows are highly adhesive, water-proof, smudge-proof and produce rich pigment payoff with a long-lasting silky touch. To be worn alone or blend with complimentary shades."
The shadow is really pigmented, and so smooth and buttery. It blends really well too! The colour is more of a light blue than turquoise when applied though, and I'm not a huge fan of blue shadows, but that's just personal preference. The shadow is great quality!

3. Revecen Perfect Star Powder in #08 Yellow
Memebox says: "Designed with the perfect mix of color and shine, the Perfect Star Powder creates dramatic light-catching effects and brings instant sophistication to any makeup look. Layer it on top of contrasting eye shadow colors to create unique multi-dimensional effects, or use it alone for instant elegance!"
Like the powder in the Jewel Toned box, this is just a really pretty glitter!

4. Revecen Face Control Foundation in #000 Light Yellow
Memebox says: "This unique Face Control Foundation works to cover up skin imperfections and light up dull, darkened skin tone for a more refined, evenly balance, and healthier-looking finish. Plus, it contains natural preservatives such as green tea extracts and magnolia extracts, and thus gentle and suitable for all skin types."
This one's not a great product to be honest. It's difficult to get out of the pan, and is very stiff and isn't very blendable. The colour is weird too, it's way too pale.

As I said earlier, the box is just ok. There's nothing here that wows me, everything is just kind of meh. In terms of the products being pastel colours, Memebox did deliver. But the products themselves were not what you'd expect to get when you read the description of the box.

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