Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Korean Beauty Haul

It's been a long time since I got myself some Korean Beauty Products. I was kind of obsessed last year, I used to get myself little things every now and again, but then I just stopped all of a sudden. I've been keeping an eye out on new product launches and reviews on YouTube for the last while and finally decided to pick up a few things.

The first thing I picked up was the Etude House My Beauty Tool Secret Brush 121. It's a foundation brush and one that I've been seeing a lot of around YouTube. I haven't tried it yet because I wanted to wait until I'd gotten all my stuff in the post so I could photograph them together and that's been so hard because this was the first thing to arrive (#bloggerproblems)! I can't wait to try this out and see how it compares to my Real Techniques sponge. I bought this brush on eBay for around €12 (you can find it here)

Also from eBay, I picked up the Too Cool for School Egg Mousse Pack. It's a mousse mask made using egg whites and is supposedly going to make your face "as smooth as the egg surface". Again, I haven't really used this yet, but I have smelt it and it smells amazing!

From beautynetkorea.com I picked up the Innisfree Green Tea Mineral Mist, the Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur, the Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint in PK002, and the Etude House Color Lips Fit in PP501. I've tried the Cherry Lip tint before as a sample, and really loved the colour (it's the bright pink one) so I decided to finally get the fully size. The other tint I just kind of stumbled on while browsing the site and decided to get because I really loved the purple colour! I've heard that the Innisfree mist is really hydrating, and my skin has been kind of dry lately so I'm excited to give that a go. The Etude House Face Blur I've seen a lot of rave reviews about, and it was the main thing I wanted to get (this, and the face brush). 

I also got a load of free samples from beautynetkorea, all from TonyMoly. I'm really impressed with this site, they offer free shipping and the prices are really great too, with everything coming together for around $30. I got my package about a week after it shipped, but I find that's the case with almost everything I order from Korea.

The last thing I picked up was the PeriPera Peri's Tint Water in the shade Cherry Juice. I'm not going to lie, one of the reasons I bought this particular tint was the packaging, which is designed by Mari Kim. I really loved her art, and have been following her on Instagram for over a year now.

I got this tint from twofacemall, only because I had some credit on my account. To be honest, I was really unhappy with the service I got. They emailed me a few days after I placed my order to say that shipping to Ireland had become difficult and that they recommend I get a tracking number or else they would not be liable if my order went missing. Which is fair enough. The problem was that they never gave me the tracking number until today, even though the item arrived last week and had been shipped the week before. Not only that, but they haven't been great about responding to my emails either. I don't see myself using this site again any time soon.

That's it for my haul (and mini rant!). Let me know in the comments if there's anything that you really want to see a review on! I'll try my best to have a post on each, but if there's something you want a review on more than the others, give me a shout and I'll make it happen!

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