Sunday, 13 March 2016

Missha M MagicCushion + M Magic Cushion Moisture Review

Have you ever gone and bought a product simply for the packaging, without caring in the slightest whether or not it would be any good or not? Hoping that it would, of course, but being ok if it weren't. I have. And I'm not ashamed, not even a little. When I saw that Missha had released a Wonder Woman collection, I knew instantly I was buying one of the BB cushions. So I bought the blue one, the moisture version.... and then went and bought the regular one, the red, because I loved the blue so much! 

The product comes in a compact, which when opened reveals the puff and the mirror. Removing the puff, you open the cover to reveal the actual product, the BB sponge. To apply, you press the puff into the sponge and tap it onto your face.

The shade range for this product is, unfortunately, extremely limited, with only three shades available (but only two for the Wonder Woman collection, the darkest shade No.27 is not part of the collection). I got mine in the middle shade, No.23 and fortunately it was a perfect match for me.

The blue version of the cushion is the M Magic Cushion Moisture, and like the name suggests, it offers more moisture to the skin, and is aimed at drier skin types. I have dry skin, which is why I initially opted for this one.

The first time I tried it, I was in a rush to get ready for college. I slapped it on at 9:15am, finding it really easy to apply onto the face and blend. It looked really dewy at first, but dried down to a demi-matte finish. It was really weightless, but I could feel it when I touched my face, and was a bit light when first applied. But one hour later, it had oxidised to my skin tone and I couldn't feel it when touching my face.
It wasn't until around 5pm that it started looking a bit oily, and by the time I got home at 6:30, it looked a little more oily again, but not enough to make it look bad.

The next few times I tested it out, I used primer and a little bit of powder on my nose and forehead, because those are where I get shiny. It looked super natural throughout the day, my mother couldn't even tell I was wearing it when I got home.
Like before, my nose did get a little bit shiny around 5ish, but nowhere near as much as without the powder.

The product didn't enhance any dry patches, with or without the powder. If you have dry skin, I would really recommend this cushion!

After getting on quite well with the moisture version (and because I wanted the red packaging too), I thought I should try out the regular one as well.

The first time I tried this one, I tested it out without any primer or powder. I applied it at 10am, and again, it was quick and easy to apply and blend. There was a slight grey tinge on my forehead. The coverage was light, it didn't cover a big spot I had on my face.
An hour later, the grey tinge was gone, the product had oxidised so the colour matched my skin better, and it looked flawless.
By 4 pm it looked slightly patchy in the places, where I had been leaning my face into my hands.
By 6 pm, my forehead was starting to look dry, and the product was separating. At 9 pm, my forehead looked super dry, and the product had separated quite badly.

I then tried it with the Nivea Post Shave Balm as a primer. Again, I applied it at 10am. My friend complimented my makeup, saying that my foundation looked really great.
It was a little bit shiny at around 4 pm on the forehead area, but only a little. I got home around 7 pm and my mother also said it looked really nice. Using a primer really made a huge difference, there was no separation at 7 pm, which is when I took it off.

Both cushions have SPF 50, so I did a quick flash test. I tested it out with both my iPhone camera and my DSLR, and I found that the iPhone flash made me look slightly pale, but the DSLR one didn't.

I absolutely adore both of these cushions, with a slight preference for the moisture version. If you're interested in picking up these cushions, you can find the Wonder Woman packaged ones on eBay and the regular ones (and the current Line Friends collection) on Cosmetic Love.

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