Friday, 26 September 2014

Hello Irish Launch!

I was at the launch party of US cult oral care brand, Hello, on Tuesday night with Publicity Loft and National Beauty, where I was introduced to a great new range of oral care products!

So far there are two products in the range, a mouthwash and a breath spray. What makes them different from other mouthwashes/breath sprays is that they actually taste nice! The products are free from any artificial colours, sweeteners, alcohol and harsh chemicals.  The ingredients are 99% natural, and according to Craig, the founder and CEO of Hello, they are even safe to drink! There's no child lock cap on the product, it's just not required because its so safe!

The mouthwash and breath spray come in three flavours: Super Mint, Mojito Mint and Pink Grapefruit. I've tried the Mojito Mint and Super Mint mouthwashes. Super Mint, as name implies, is quite minty. but without burning sensation left by the likes of Listerine. It's actually quite refreshing! Mojito Mint isn't as minty, but tastes really nice (never had a mojito so wouldnt be able to compare the tastes!). What I love most about these are that they don't leave you feeling like you've just set your mouth on fire, like most other mouthwashes do.

Super Mint Mouth Wash

I tried all the breath sprays too, they all tasted great, and again, left no burning sensation. Mojito Mint is my favourite by far, and I was so delighted to see that I got that one in my goodie bag :P

Mojito Mint Breath Spray

The packaging of the mouthwashes is also so different to anything else in the market. The bottles are round, colourful, eye-catching. They aren't off-putting in any way, like other mouthwashes are with their rigid, square and clinical packaging. The design even won the brand the prestigious GOOD DESIGN AWARD. The design was a result of a collaboration between Hello and DesignWorksUSA, who are the global design consultancy of BMW.

The range is available in McCabe's Pharmacy and Sam McCauley Chemists nationwide. The mouthwashes are €7.50 a bottle and the breath sprays are €4.75 each.

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