Monday, 1 September 2014

Missha Super Aqua Pore Correcting Blackhead Melting Oil Gel Review

Super Aqua Pore Correcting Blackhead Melting Oil Gel. Damn, is that a mouthful or what?

So, I bought this about a month ago, after watching a review on it on YouTube. I'd really just used pore strips before this, but I don't think they ever really did anything. After seeing the review, I was really eager to try this out and literally once the video was finished I hopped onto eBay and ordered one.

Missha claim that this soft oil cleanser will melt blackheads and excessive dead skin cells, while also combating various other skin issues, such as excessive sebum and dirt.

Love the packaging!

I absolutely love the packaging of this product! Something about the mix of the blue and silver, combined with the slightly flat-ish shape just makes the bottle look so much more fancy and expensive than it really is. The only thing I don't like about the packaging is that it seems like it could crack easily.

The directions on the box read:

"After washing the face, dry your skin and pump an appropriate amount. Apply and roll it on the desired area as if massaging. After 20~30 sec., wash it off with lukewarm water. Keep the silicon brush clean after using."

I've been using this for about a month now, right at the end of my showers. I'd push the button to let some product out, kind of just rub the brush around my nose and chin, leave on for about a minute before washing it all off.

The first few times, I didn't really notice any difference. It would feel warm on my chin, but that's about it. It didn't feel like anything was happening on my nose at all. But after using it for about two weeks, I really started to notice the difference. My nose and chin felt so smooth and soft, and its visibly obvious that the amount of blackheads has decreased by a lot. My dear mother even commented on how great this was working, saying that I "always had so many blackheads on my nose." 

This stuff worked wonders on me, I absolutely love it. My skin feels so clean and smooth after using it, and I'm so happy with the result it has had on my blackheads. I would 100% recommend it if you're looking for something to help with blackheads. The bottle contains 20ml of product, and a little goes a long way with this stuff!

I got mine on eBay for around €11.


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