Friday, 5 June 2015

Brush Egg Review

With all the hype over the Sigma Mat the last few months, I was hearing a lot about the little Brush Egg too, and decided to get one to try out. Washing makeup brushes can be such a chore for some and the Brush Egg promises to make the whole thing a lot quicker. I have to confess, I love washing my brushes, but I do get a bit fed up when I have a load of them to clean in the one go so I thought I'd try this out.

It's really simple to use. All you need to do is put some soap/shampoo onto the the ridges, wet your brush, rub it through in the shampoo in the ridges, rinse and repeat one or two more times. You can see all the makeup coming right out, leaving you with nice clean brushes, but a lot more quickly. The lined part is for bigger brushes, like foundation or powder brushes, and the dotted part at the top is for smaller brushes like your eyeshadow brushes.

I found that the Brush Egg is much better for cleaning big brushes, it takes all of the makeup out without a hitch, and super fast. I've cleaned my powder brushes, foundation brushes, blush brushes etc. with it, and it took less than a minute to do each brush. 

Left: Before Cleaning. Right: After Cleaning

Personally, I don't like using it for eyeshadow brushes. I don't think it get's all the products out, and I'm afraid of ruining the brushes by scrubbing a little harder. There's always a little bit of eyeshadow left on the tip of the brush, which comes out really easily if I was the brush the usual way. Below you can see the brush before I washed it, after using it with the Brush Egg, and after washing it again the normal way. There's still a pink stain at the tip of the brush after using the Brush Egg.

Left: Before Cleaning. Centre: Using Brush Egg. Right: Cleaned Normal Way

Overall, I do love this for my face brushes, I think it works great for them and I'd still highly recommend it because of that. I don't think it's too great for the smaller brushes, but that's just me: other people seem to love it for the eyeshadow brushes too. Either way, it's really cheap and if you end up hating it, it won't have set you back too much. I got mine on eBay for around €2.

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