Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Empties #2

Hello everyone, today I've another empties post for you! I've been trying not to throw out the stuff I've used up the last few months for this post. I did forget and throw out a few things, but they were mostly shampoo and conditioners, and I've been using the same ones for a while so its no biggie.

John Freida Frizz Ease Unwind Curls Calming Creme
If you read my first empties post, and I think one of my favourites post from last year, you'd know how much I love this range! The shampoo and conditioner are amazing, and so is this curling cream. It's the only product I've ever tried that's really ever made a difference to my frizz!
Will I repurchase? Already did, but I'm almost out again, so it'll be time to pick up another one soon!

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water
I was late to the Micellar Water bandwagon, but better late than never right? I really loved this stuff, it does a great job of taking off makeup. I've had this bottle for absolutely ages, a little really goes a long way with this stuff!
Will I repurchase? I put off buying this for a while because as much as I loved it, I started using an oil cleanser by L'Oreal which I liked a lot better. Recently though, I picked up a little bottle of Bioderma Micellar Water and am going to pick up a small bottle of this too, so I can do a comparison! 

IOPE Essential Moisture Relief Cream
I got this in a Memebox back in September or October, but didn't really use it much until December, before stopping again because the smell started to make me feel slightly nauseous. It is a really hydrating cream, but the smell was just getting to me. It's not that it has a bad scent though, I actually think it smells quite refreshing, it can just be a bit overwhelming. I started using it again in March and thankfully didn't have the same problem with the smell.
Will I repurchase? No. I prefer my Etude House Collagen Cream to this and will continue to use that.

L'Oreal Skin Perfection Advanced Serum
This featured in my last empties too, and I still love it! It's specifically targeted towards those in their 20's, like myself,  it's really hydrating and leaves my skin feeling great.
Will I repurchase? I have another one that I'm using right now, but I'm almost out. Need to go pick up another next time it's on offer!

Carmex Lip Balm and Soap&Glory Hand Food
I can't live without a tube of Carmex or Hand Food with me at all times. My lips and hands tend to get quite dry, and both these products help keep them soft and hydrated!
Will I repurchase? I bought 3 tubes of Carmex a while back because they were on a 3for2 offer and I tend to go through them so fast that it's a nuisance having to go out and get a new one every time I finish. So basically, I'm all set for a while on the Carmex front. I have a backup tube of Hand Food too, and will probably get the full sized one next time.

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